What if you get to know that you have something in bucket list and it will be true the very next morning with surprise so it’s a blog about one of my bucket list item what I checked last week and happy to write about this.

CAMP NOU is a experience you will never gonna forget in your life.

Price for the ticket is around 20€. You go to the museum and the stadium and the funny part is inside stadium you can buy grass from the stadium itself (I bought one) it cost minimum 10€ but come on one time visit 10€ is nothing to go for it.


When you first enter you will go through security and then to up from stairs and first point is Museum and believe me it’s one of the beautiful Museum and well arranged. If you are fan of Barcelona FC then you will love the way they collect everything the trophies and everything.

I was amazed to watch everything in one place . The best part is big screens showjng some best goals but every screen shows different perspective for the same goal.

Selfie time

How can you go to the place like this and come without selfies.


Overall 20€ is well spent money and after you look around the ground next point is big shopping centre offical Barcelona Mega Store. Check the store out some things are only you can buy in this store and if you are a big fan like me go for it and buy the product only mega store offers you.

And how can you miss the achievement from Messi they placed in Museum.

So if you are in Barcelona I will suggest you to visit Camp Nou Barcelona.


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