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Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Sihanoukville | Coastal City Sihanoukville is a city in Cambodia with beautiful beach and temples. In Sihanoukville I been to 2 temples and then beach in the city. One temple is in the hill name Upper Pagoda. one temple in the down in the hill name Lower Pagoda its in the town. Lower Pagoda have more monks then Upper Pagoda. As my...
Okie so today I am in Marseille France and to remember the day it is 09th September. I was out with my friends in the evening in Marseille and it was only few hours roaming around the city not enough to talk about something good or bad but just want to share my first experience with the city. City is...
Ho chi minh landscape
Ho Chi Minh City | Saigon   You have never heard of Ho Chi Minh City? No wonder, the name of Vietnam's largest city. Named after the president Ho Chi Minh, but they are known under an older name "Saigon". Although officially not used for a long time, they are still heard everywhere. But do not let that distract you, but rather follow...


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