If you ask me that I saw any magical place in this world, I will surely gonna name Cinque Terre in Italy. This 5 villages are more beautiful then we can imagine. I had to let my self stop from clicking pictures. I was amazed by the beauty of this place. I would love to share my experience with you guys here.

When you want to visit this village I will tell you to read more and more about this place as it will be easy to travel to this beautiful places.


I was with small bus to this place as no big bus can go to the place as i saw only small bus can go to the place

Explora5terre is the service what i used.

It was a nice tour as guide is always helpful to have you with this type of tour my guide helped me a lot with the places as I was confused with places and I was asking a lot of questions. It’s no problem to ask as much as you can it can only help you with your journey.

And also this places are well connected with rail system but for that I will suggest you to google because I have very less idea and don’t want to misguide someone for the thing I didn’t tried.

Dont travel like tourist travel like a explorer.

I am telling you this because 80% people only go to the places what they know or they search over internet. Just roam around your own like this village i bought myself a Corona and was searching how to go to the top then it was not like I got to the top in the first time it took me time i was 2 times in wrong path with no ending in mid street and I had to start again from down to top but when I successfully did it I was amazed with the view and the photo I got was unique then 80% of the people who visit this place.

If you dont try you won’t get anything for sure. I won’t say you always try to be unique but at least do something what normal tourist don’t do all the time.

Don’t be hesitate to talk to new people it will give you new experience like this picture I met this guy on the top we were not able to speak to each other properly but with a bit English and happy face we were able to speak with each other.

So I met this guy onces in my life and I have some good pictures with the background and I sent him via mail as I promised so both are happy. This is my way to connect.

Like them also I just met and just a small talk and a lot of memories now we follow each other’s in Instagram.

In this village if you go to the top they charge you 1.50€ to go and see the view from the top place from village itself but as they say this money is for donation so you help someone for the view but keep the change they take only cash and a lot of shops also only take cash so not much option for Visa cards. as personally I tried I didn’t like the view but I hope if you use you will gonna love the view for me still other side going to the top was much more special then this.

Don’t hesitate to pinterest about the places you always get nice ideas for photos. I love the idea for my work and nice research is the key for success.


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