Ho Chi Minh City | Saigon


You have never heard of Ho Chi Minh City?
No wonder, the name of Vietnam’s largest city. Named after the president Ho Chi Minh, but they are known under an older name “Saigon”.
Although officially not used for a long time, they are still heard everywhere. But do not let that distract you, but rather follow the narrow streets of the city.
In the colorful markets, you can buy just about everything you need – and much more. You will not find peace here.

so what can you expect in the city is next question.

There are lots of places to be in the city Like Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong Delta, Tan Dinh Church…


Ho chi minh landscape

Landscapes are really beautiful in Vietnam with green field all over the places and mountain behind this fields makes it more beautiful.

buddha temple

Vietnam is also famous for Buddha temples and there are a lot of beautiful temples around ho chi minh city.
Ho chi minh temple buddha temple

A big Buddha Temple where you can find peace. it looks really beautiful when you visit the temple.
ho chi minh island

I saw this really small island in the way when i closely saw this place there is a home in this island only one home. Every one dream about having a home in a tiny island and here someone is already living that dream.

People are really nice in Ho chi minh this picture is from the ho chi minh temple where they pray to ho chi minh like god i saw a lot of beautiful things that belong to ex-president of Vietnam. 

this is the picture from the food market where you can buy a lot of things.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels takes you back 40 plus years to the Vietnam War. You’ll see an underground hospital, crawl through tunnels, and feel “war.”

Must visit if you are planing to visit Vietnam. Unbelievable experience back to the era of the Vietnam war.

Tan Dinh Church has a long history in Saigon. An interesting destination for both design and spirituality. Where people feel light and leave all worries.

So this is my story about Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon so next time someone talk to you about Saigon you know about which city they are talking about.

I must say it will give you a great experience about life and history in the same time. Let me know your story about this place in comment section. If you have any Question about this place feel free to ask in comment section also.


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