Hong Kong | Right Place to be…

Hong Kong is one of the best place to be. The moment i visited Hong Kong i checked one more bucket list item. Hong Kong is really beautiful in the morning as well as in the night.

I still remember it was Saturday me and my friends wanted to had some quality time in Hong Kong, so we asked taxi driver to drive us to the heart of the city. Then we got to know that taxi drivers in Hong Kong was not able to speak English with us. It was really hard to tell him the direction. The best part i still remember is my friends were trying to use all the possible application in the cab to tell driver where to go and in the end. I was with one of my best friend Edward and that was it for me.

So we managed to reach the place where we wanted to be in the Hong Kong city.

hong kong texi drive

We were walking in the street of Hong Kong in the night. Everyone wanted to had some fun in bar. we been to so many bars, then we got to know that it was not the day for bars but we did manage to find a bar where we enjoyed our beautiful night.hongkong nightout with friendsNow i would love to talk about photography and that is my language so i walked in the street of Hong Kong and was watching the life closely.
Hong Kong Busy Life
Hong Kong is the place where i saw big city with big buildings in the same time i saw beautiful temples.
Hong kong bulls

hong kong texi

I saw beautiful texi with Red & white color and it was nice to photograph this taxi.
hong kong food panda

the city life was really nice and fast like Mumbai. People always runs from one place to other.
hong kong peopleI saw some people working in a very unique way in between a lot of people i saw people working really hard to earn money, It was beautiful.
Hong Kong Hollywood RoadI like this smart way to let you know where you are in the city. I saw and got to know where i am by watching down in the road.
Hong Kong Red Texi

the streets looks so nice. I was watching the boards and street from one place to another and it always amazes me.
Hong Kong Building

In the End i love the feel in this city as i been to Hong Kong 2 Times. I loved every single time to be in the streets and the people and food. I hope you loved my story and pictures. I would love to know your story if you ever been to this city.


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