Did you ever wonder how it feels like to visit a country and go to the top of the place and watch the sunset while you have your drinks in your hands and friends in your side ?

If no. Do that it is one of the most beautiful memory you will create with your friends.

So I am in Marseille now a days and yesterday me and my friends decided to visit the place while watching the sunset from the peak point of the city.

You have to walk a lot to reach the top but when you reach the point the view is breathtaking.

I was roming around the city to reach the top and in between I captured some more beautiful frames in my camera

The city is beautiful and I like to feel every bit of it. Food is expensive and I tried one indian restaurant but not worth it I paid 20€ for the food but it was not like indian food at all.

But guess what it looks nice. Chicken curry was not even taste like chicken curry at all.

But the feeling in walking in the street in the night feels like you are in a bollywood movie.

And then because of day before yesterday I had this indian food I am not kind of sure for indian food in France. We tried yesterday Thai food in a beautiful restaurant.

The look and interior is beautiful I like it so much and the best part is the food I had chicken thai. I am going tonight again before I leave Marseille to eat my chicken thai again.

You have to pay 10€ for chicken thai and every penny is worth it. If you are in Marseille try it for sure name is “PITAYA SAVEURS THAI”.

Lets get back to city while I was roming around i saw some beautiful street frames and I was not able to stop me framing this.

Marseille have so much to offer if you are a Photographer or if you have an eye of looking places in a different way.

Every building looks old yet Colors are like someone is washing the whole building to make it new again.

But the best part is sunset you have to go to Note Dame de La garde and take the 2nd gate it’s right side of the main gate to reach a place from where you can see the whole city.

Note Dame de La garde

And then just enjoy the time with your friends and don’t forget to take some beers or cold drinks with you.

The best part is after sunset you can watch the whole city with beautiful lights.

I also enjoyed with my friends with some random frames with sunset

Just give it a try.

So you know now where you can find the best sunset in Marseille France.


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