Okie so today I am in Marseille France and to remember the day it is 09th September. I was out with my friends in the evening in Marseille and it was only few hours roaming around the city not enough to talk about something good or bad but just want to share my first experience with the city.

City is really beautiful for sure. I love the old architecture and I believe I will gonna have a lot of fun with my camera in Marseille as I am here for 7 days and it’s more then enough to have some memories from this place. I want to feel this place in the evening and today I was with my mobile (OnePlus5) only and I am posting the pictures what I saw.

The city is expensive and it was Sunday to most of the shops closed at 20:00 and the mall was also closed the same time so after 20:00 there is empty streets and food is also expensive.

This city is best of portrait or street photography as well. I love the night time here and would love to photograph some long exposure shot as a lot of people told me the city is not safe in the night so I am not that much in the mood with expensive equipments to have some nightmare but as I am working in a team of Photographers it will be easy if we all roam around together to make this night memories more beautiful.

I am not a big fan of mobile photography in the night. Mobile can’t simply cover what camera can do.

This type of sunset with a nice camera and a model what else you need.

I like this rail lines would love to shoot some night shot with this beauty tomorrow.

Great lights with old city feeling what else you want from cities like this.

In the end a group picture of my friends who shared the first day memory with me.

I hope I will make some beautiful photographs tomorrow.


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