Sihanoukville | Coastal City

upper pagoda Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is a city in Cambodia with beautiful beach and temples.

In Sihanoukville I been to 2 temples and then beach in the city. One temple is in the hill name Upper Pagoda.

one temple in the down in the hill name Lower Pagoda its in the town. Lower Pagoda have more monks then Upper Pagoda.

upper pagoda Sihanoukville upper pagoda Sihanoukville

As my guide told me Sihanoukville got this name , which was named in honor of former king Norodom Sihanouk.
upper pagoda

Don’t want to hide this fact that Sihanoukville also faces extreme challenges related to crime, security and safety with the city frequently being the focus of scandals linked to serious organized crime, petty crime and corruption.

I saw a lot of children begging in temples and beaches. In the beach I saw a lot of massage girls who come to you and ask for foot massage.

If you want to taste octopus the beach is right place to be i tried my very first octopus in this beach. the price is 2 for 1$. Pretty cheap huh !!!

Sihanoukville beach Sihanoukville beach

Food is also tasty in the beach I tried chicken soups and chicken rice. If you want to know better it’s always a good idea to have a guide with you.

upper pagoda Sihanoukville The Golden Lions Roundabout

As this country is not expensive you can have a good meal in 5-7$ very easily and don’t forget to try the local beer.

As i am from India i got to know one thing about Cambodia is that the Map in Cambodia have Angkor Wat temple. and Angkor Wat temple is one of the biggest Hindu temple in the world.

Cambodia Flag

Also People from Cambodia worship Indian gods and guide told me they know a lot of things about Indian god.


upper pagoda Sihanoukville upper pagoda Sihanoukville

Cambodia is also famous for Angkor Wat temple but sadly I never got a chance to be there. If you get the chance to visit Angkor Wat, Please must visit the temple as it is biggest Hindu temple in the world.


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